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Team Biographies

Mike Mitchell – President and founder. 


Mr. Mitchell has spent 15 of the last 20 years as a stockbroker and investment banker where he managed 10′s of millions of dollars for his own clients. Early in his career he was licensed as a Series 24 Principal and ran his own brokerage office for almost the entire 15 years. Under the tutelage of the legendary Jack Alexander who created the independent broker business model in the 70′s and founded First Affiliated Securities (FAS), the first independent broker dealer in the U.S. Mr. Mitchell worked with Paulson Investments and other independent broker dealers in his long career. The last two years of his career in the financial world were as Syndicate Manager for F.A.S. Wealth Management where he raised 10’s of millions of dollars for private companies and also for initial public offerings (IPO’S).

In 2006 Mr. Mitchell left his successful career in the investment world to pursue Gold & Silver and became an Executive V.P. for a Gold & Silver Jr. mining exploration company in La Jolla, CA. This is where he gained more extensive experience about this intriguing industry of precious metals. Mr. Mitchell has been interviewed, sought out, and quoted numerous times on his thoughts and opinions about stocks and precious metals. He has gone on record, starting in 2001, stating he believes Gold & Silver will play a major role as the “Future Money” system of the world. Due to the fact that worthless paper currency will be destroyed and we will eventually need these metals (maybe others) to restore integrity and value to the future “paper currency” world financial system.

We at are among the most talented in the industry. It would be OUR PLEASURE to put our extensive experience to work for you.