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Should You Add Gold to Your Investment Portfolio?

There are mixed reactions when it comes to investing in gold. Some people argue that gold has no place in the modern investment portfolio, and others see that it can be an alternative when stock markets crash. If you want to invest in gold, you should not take all...

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Why Should You Invest in Silver?

Is silver really a worthy investment? And should you buy it? It is quite natural and prudent for a smart investor to weigh if a particular investment option is viable. And a silver investment is no exception considering that it is not as popular and expensive as gold....

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What to Look Out for When Investing in Gold

What to Look Out for When Investing in Gold The 2008 financial crisis prompted many people to consider investing in gold and silver. The continuous rise of gold prices for over a decade has also continued to generate interest amongst investors. However, like any other...

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Reasons to Invest in Silver

Reasons to Invest in Silver Investing in anything should be a well thought out decision. Investments are a smart way to have something in place for your future, or in the event of a crisis with paper money. When many people think about investing in other ways besides...

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Reasons Gold is so Popular

Reasons Gold is so Popular Archaeological evidence shows that gold was used in certain parts of the world more than 4,000 years ago. All ancient civilizations considered gold to be a valuable metal and a status symbol recognized by both the nobles, kings, merchants,...

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